Don’t forget silver surfers – Digital inclusion and literacy focused on seniors

Jun 05 2018

Two types of citizens live in the “global digital village”: digital natives, those born in the internet age, and digital migrants, those born before the internet became so central to our lives. These digital migrants are the so-called "silver surfers".

Digital migrants and digital natives often share the same house, the same office space and same public places. Yet, digital exclusion is preventing digital migrants from fully taking advantage of digital tools. We need to nurture digital inclusion, digital literacy and digital skills for all the silver surfers living in the digital global village.
Without these, digital migrants cannot carry out even the most basic of daily digital tasks. To overcome this barrier, we need to give them access to digital skills. This is the only way to fully benefit from participation and knowledge from all citizens.

The EuroDig 2018 session, Don’t forget silver surfers – Digital inclusion and Literacy was all about making the internet more “inclusive”. Discussions focused on potential models for digital friendly citizenship and helping to build bridges across generations.

It also looked at how digital literacy and skills may contribute to the process of lifelong learning for digital migrants. The session is a chance to learn about best practices in a European context, taking into consideration local developments in Georgia and the Caucasus Region.

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1 comment on "Don’t forget silver surfers – Digital inclusion and literacy focused on seniors"

  • Stephanie Parker's picture
    Stephanie Helen Parker

    Learnt this morning at EuroDig 2018 that Poland is running a large project to help senior citizens benefit from online tools and services.

    Young people in villages are helping older citizens as digital migrants to use the internet and turn them into "silver surfers".

    Still a long way to go with 60%, mostly aged between 50 and 60, still not using the internet but still a great collaboration across citizens of all ages.

    You can follow EuroDig 2018 live streaming:

    Click on the screen to follow.

    answered 05 Jun 2018 14:43