Beyond the Internet: Enabling Businesses & Multi-stakeholder Dialogue

Dec 05 2018

Silvana Muscella: Opportunities & challenges of NGI in the words of the public (consultation)
NGI is a cross-disciplinary effort, for a human-centric approach to the future internet.

NGI funding is a wonderful opportunity for start-ups, SMEs and centres of excellence across Europe that are active in the various domains encompassed by NGI and the increasing convergence of technologies such as blockchain, AI, immersive media, cyber security.

Where are we with SMEs?
“We have been active in European Research and Innovation for over 10 years and have witnessed first-hand how the areas of artificial intelligence, content interaction and access developed towards the human centric vision of NGI. Future Internet initiatives like FIRE, and more specifically Experimedia, BonFIRE and Fed4Fire, have provided our SME with unparalleled opportunities to experiment with new technologies, explore new business ideas and turn them into successful product innovations. We are excited to be part of the NGI Community as we believe this to be a key enabler and growth catalyst for European businesses.“ -- George Ioannidis, Director of IN2.

Where are we with technology developers=
“As facility control and automation players we tangibly see the strong impact of 5G, from design to business modelling & go-to-market strategy - that is the strategic reason we strive to keep being part of the 5G PPP” - Nicola Ciulli, Head of R&D @Nextworks

Where are we with citizens?
“Imagine you have a heart attack and you need people to access your medical history, where would you like them to go?” – Alessandro Bassi President IoT Italy

Interactive discussions: need for multi-stakeholder dialogue
Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, DIGITALEUROPE: the technology policy process needs to embrace the views of different stakeholders, exchange different views and reduce the gap with citizens so they have a better understanding of what the technologies can actually deliver and how we will benefit. A lot of knowledge is in the hands of the private sector and can play a key role in conveying the benefits.

Silvana Muscella, Trust-IT: with the Waterford Institute of Technology, we have been working with civil society to make sure their voice is heard. One example of this is the participation of the International Civil Society Centre in the NGI Champions Panel, with an NGI Salon at Global Perspectives 2018. We are also working with Mission Pubbliques to bring in the views of civil society.

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