SME Opportunities at NGI: Beyond the Internet Session

Nov 19 2018

As CEO of a dynamic ICT intensive SME, I will be talking "Straight from the NGI's mouth of the people" providing some key concepts around our discussion topics.

Introducing the benfits for a savvy SME to get involved in NGI, touching upon multiple business models for the future, how SMEs can play a role in 5G trials & verticals for the future and;
finally seeing how NGI will ultimately act as the (very much) needed commodity (enabler) for EOSC to achieve its ambitious goals of new open science cloud.

Feel free to comment below on the above or if you're an SME tell me about your experience so your voice can be heard during the session.
Join me @ICT2018 on Wednesday 5th December @ 14:30. See you there !

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