End-user friendly transparency mechanisms

May 08 2018

User-friendly mechanisms to overview transparency of Internet services should be provisioned for end-users, such as - transparency on the security situation of a connection, background processes, data collected and observed or data retention. These mechanisms may also provide tweaking options empowering the user to define custom and desired security levels. This will lead to higher trustworthiness of the Internet with the effect of enabling innovation and creativity.


  • Supporting safety of EU citizens and their data
  • Improving transparency for consumers
  • Ensuring business continuity and social connectiveness
  • User empowerment leading to higher innovation
  • Ability to verify adherence to EU laws
  • Level playing field between good actors and malicious actors

Risks of not addressing this topic

  • Lack of knowledge leading to vulnerability if businesses and citizens relating to the abuse/predation of data
  • Lack of trust regarding how data is handled, lowering the usage of the system and hindering innovation
  • High cost of law enforcement in Digital single market

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