Market uptake of eIDAS compliant eID infrastructure

Dec 12 2017

In his blog, the commissioner Ansip is commenting that Germany was the first country to pre-notify EC, in February 2017, about its eID scheme, completing its formal notification in late September. More recently he also comments that Italy was the second member state to do this, and that Italy´s national eID scheme SPID is led by Italy's private sector:

Should eIDAS compliance be obligatory for all EU projects? How to speed up uptake of eIDAS compliant identification and aiuthentication by private service providers?



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1 comment on "Market uptake of eIDAS compliant eID infrastructure"

  • Patrik Andersson's picture

    My answer is yes, interoperability, re-use of data and single-sign on of out are fundamental to enable innovation and increase the EU citizens rights to their information. 

    answered 04 Mar 2018 13:28