Early Adopters Club

NGI is Europe’s opportunity to create a human centric internet. It is trustworthy, resilient, sustainable and inclusive. It reflects our European values by ensuring trust, human control and diversity. The NGI Early Adopters’ Club embraces the digital technological revolution brought by the disruptive development of blockchain, artificial intelligence, immersive technologies, and others.

Who is it for?

The Early Adopters Club celebrates innovators that champion NGI values, also at the national or local policy level, including civil society groups. It is a showcase of best practices that help European businesses, citizens and civil society benefit from disruptive technologies based on NGI values.

The Early Adopters’ Club is for internet innovators from start-ups, SMEs, research institutes and innovation hubs across Europe. It is also for civil society representatives that work towards achieving an open and inclusive internet. Local, national and European initiatives can also apply. Meet them all here.

Why join?

  • Position yourself as an NGI internet innovator by joining the Early Adopters Club.
  • Maximise your visibility and access opportunities for future collaboration, open calls and grants on the next generation internet as the main driver of societal transformations.
  • Showcase your best practices for free.
  • Get a prime position place in future workshops.

How to Join

Applicants must demonstrate they meet one or more of the NGI-related technologies and values, and come from the targeted stakeholder categories specific groups.

Apply now for the NGI Early Adopters Club for Internet Innovators, by clicking the button below.