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The NGI consultation will ultimately contribute to determine shared opinions and consolidated views of what the next generation internet should look like and which research and innovation paths Europeans shall follow to contribute achieving that goal.

This section of the public consultation platform contains analyses of what is being discussed and synthesis views of the outcomes of such discussions are going to be published, for interested readers to quickly grasp strategic elements of the process.

All reports, graphs, and concepts presented here are assembled by the NGI Consultation Team using contributions from all Users. The Consultation Team’s effort is directed to simplify and ease the reading process, to the benefit of all the NGI Community and citizens in general. Please, always refer to the original content posted for more information.

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Engaging the Next Generation of Citizens (Discussion)

How should the Next Generation Internet encourage engagement of the next generation of citizens?

Civil Society Challenges served by NGI (Discussion)

What are the challenges that civil society faces that could best be served by re-imagining the next generation of the internet based on human values?

Next Generation Internet Civil Society Survey (Webform)

This survey is to gain insight into how the Next Generation Internet should best serve Civil Society Organisations and their representative communities.


13 Participants in total

RINA (Recursive InterNetwork Architecture): a strong foundation for the NGI (Discussion)

Renovating the Internet architecture is no easy feat: it not only depends on the technology, but also on complex social, political and economic interactions and interests from the multiple Internet ecosystem stakeholders.

Tackling Online Disinformation: A European Approach (Discussion)

At the NGIForum 2018, Prof. Jamal Shahin (VUB and GIPO) led this discussion on tackling online disinformation.

Concepts for Search and Discovery based on the Slovenian Interoperability Framework (Discussion)

At the NGIForum 2018, a workshop was organized on Better search for trustworthy content and objects discovery. Mr. Aleš Černivec, (Project Manager, XLAB d.o.o.) led this

Semantic Data Organization (Discussion)

At the NGIForum 2018, a workshop was organized on Better search for trustworthy content and objects discovery. A specfic discussion in the workshop was positioned on how we need new ways

Session 2 - A secure, decentralised internet (Discussion)

Lead by Marta Arniani from NGI Move

Two main sub-topics: