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The NGI consultation will ultimately contribute to determine shared opinions and consolidated views of what the next generation internet should look like and which research and innovation paths Europeans shall follow to contribute achieving that goal.

This section of the public consultation platform contains analyses of what is being discussed and synthesis views of the outcomes of such discussions are going to be published, for interested readers to quickly grasp strategic elements of the process.

All reports, graphs, and concepts presented here are assembled by the NGI Consultation Team using contributions from all Users. The Consultation Team’s effort is directed to simplify and ease the reading process, to the benefit of all the NGI Community and citizens in general. Please, always refer to the original content posted for more information.

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Service portability and data decoupling (Discussion)

The NGI Study draft final report recognizes the need for service portability and data decoupling as essential to achieving the vision of next generation Internet.

Architecture renovation (Discussion)

The NGI Study draft final report discusses the topic of architecture renovation.

Smarter Asset Distribution for a resilient Internet (Discussion)

NGI Interim Study Report recognizes smarter assets distribution as one of the traits for an improved

Highly Available, Resillient and Robust Internet Infrastructure Components (Discussion)

Alternatives to current legacy core infrastructure have to be developed in order to structurally increase resilience and robustness of Internet at a systemic level.

User empowerment through freedom of choice (Discussion)

Typically Internet users do not possess much understanding of security issues and ways to protect oneself as user. There is also lack of trust in technology that hinders economic growth. There is a need to develop standard interaction patterns to allow declarative interaction.

Safeguarding Openness to new Entrants  (Discussion)

NGI Interim Study Report on analysing stakeholder input found Safeguarding Openness to new Entrants to be an essential feature of future human-centric sustainable Internet.

Securing end-user rights, protection and reputation (Discussion)

Everyone has the right to deserve respect for his or her private life, home and communications. Trust is the key driver for human interaction.

Unbiased and privacy-respectful discovery of content and services (Discussion)

Enabling unbiased and privacy-respectful discovery of content, services and metadata on the Web, also in a real-time local context.

Turning blockchain from hype to reality (Discussion)

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released a new 59-page draft report – 

What kind of education in an AI area? (Discussion)

We have now entered an era when artificial intelligence (AI) has defeated humans at chess, Shogi and even Go. Accordingly, conversations these days often drift towards the question of what types of work will disappear in the next ten or twenty years.