H2020 2019 call topic n1 - Strengthening Internet Trustworthiness

This is one of the one of the 2019 R&I Actions for H2020 Topic identifier: ICT-24-2018-2019, Next Generation Internet - An Open Internet Initiative.

According the call text, this RIA will cover the following scenario:

"addressing critical challenges related to increasing trust in the internet such as authentication, authorisation, traceability, privacy and confidentiality in personal and non-personal interactions. This topic will engineer federated and/or decentralised technologies for supporting internet-wide e-identities with various levels of identification, reputation and trust, to serve as a basis for new business models for verifying and valuating personal data. Proposers should pay attention to the following dimensions: scalability, ease of use, deployability, sustainability, standardisation and compatibility with the eIDAS framework"

This discussion area will help to identify the challenges arising within the scenario described above, as well as potential solutions to address these challenges, and to identify gaps that need to be filled by research and innovation projects within this topic area.


Webinar on Strengthening Internet Trustworthiness: Q&A, ideas & comments about the NGI ICT-24-2019 call

This discussion is open for your questions, comments and ideas that you want to propose during the webinar organized on November 20th starting at 14.00 CET. All comments will also be shared with the NGI community at large to allow networking and interactions around the upcoming funding opportunities.

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Genuine Global Identities for Open e-Democracy

A key threat to any open electronic community in general, and to an open e-democracy in particular, is fake identities, aka sybils: They undermine the integrity of the community, hamper equality, subvert accountability and are a potent source of manipulation and disinformation, thus promoting distrust. Critically, a swarm of sybils may attack an e-democracy in concert and overtake it. To help achieve that, we propose here a notion of a self-sovereign and decentralized global identity

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Better search for trustworthy content and objects discovery: NGI Forum 2018

We don’ know where things are archived in our brain. What if we could access medical data in real time, according to a context? This is technologically possible, but which kind of privacy should apply? Can we have a software licence type scheme also for data?

In this discussion we tackle topics such as Semantic Data Organisation, trustworthy search and content discovery, online disinformation.


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Online Identities and Trust

On March 21st 2018, the Engineroom project ran an expert workshop in London to support the establishment of a research agenda for the Next Generation Internet. One of the activities was to examine challenges for a set of umbrella topics. "Online Identities and Trust" was one of those topics.

The general outcomes of the event are the subject of this discussion.

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Finding the appropriate partners for responding to R&I on discovery and identification technologies

I would like to propose a subject on this R&I and am looking on how to submit a proposal and possible partners. Thanks for redirecting me to the appropriate place. 

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