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Riphah Institute of Systems Engineering, Riphah International University
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IT and Network Operators, Service Providers
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Control over personal data. Value extraction from protected personal data
Privacy-by-design approaches. Privacy-aware tools
Security-by-design approaches. Trust models. Cyber security best practices
Interoperability and standardisation. Interoperability testing. Key enabling technologies: 5G, IoT, cloud, big data, cyber security
New applications and services across industry verticals and public sector. Socio-economic impacts
Innovations for creativity, culture, education and research

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I am joining this community in my individual capacity. I have been actively working on draft in one of the working group of IETF termed as DNSOP. I have recently attended a session of GCSC in IETF 102 in Montreal and I came to this site referral source after a hard search online.
I am actively working on research-based projects at my Institute in cybersecurity domain, as well as I am teaching the Network Security and Applicaiton Security subjects since last two years at the same Institute at master level.

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My organization is an institute that has degree level programs for MS and PhD students in cybersecurity domain.




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