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Multidisciplinary NGI researchers in ICT, social sciences & humanities
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Control over personal data. Value extraction from protected personal data
Interoperability and standardisation. Interoperability testing. Key enabling technologies: 5G, IoT, cloud, big data, cyber security
New applications and services across industry verticals and public sector. Socio-economic impacts
Women innovators in the NGI space

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The overall goal of the INTER-IoT project is to provide an interoperable and open IoT framework, with associated engineering tools and methodology, for seamless integration of heterogeneous IoT platforms, regardless of the application domains.

INTER-IoT uses a layer- oriented approach.

In order to develop this homogeneous scenario, the project will be tested in two application domains: transport / logistics in a port environment, developed at the port of Valencia (INTER-LogP) and Mobile Health in the healthcare sector (health use case) that will be developed at the Complex Structure of Food Hygiene and Nutrition of ASL TO5 of the Prevention Department (INTER-Health).

INTER - LogP is the design and implementation of an integrated and interoperable system of open platforms for transport and logistics in the port environment. The specific application domain is the port of Valencia, and the purpose of this study is to provide support to containers, trucks, environmental platforms to improve the management of port mobility through a functioning interoperable integrated platform. The partners of the INTER LogP use case are experimenting with the interoperability of the three IoT platforms: the IoT platform group developed by the port for daily activities through the Port Community System (PCS) of the Valencia Port Foundation (VPF), the platform Smart Energy and Adaptive Management System (SEAMS) in the management of the NOATUM container terminal and Industrial Intelligent Wireless Sensor Networks (I3WSN) platform developed by Universitat Politecnica of Valencia (UPV).

INTER Health is the health use case, which focuses on the observation of eating habits and the practice of physical activity on a group of healthy subjects. The aim of the study is to use mobile devices and electronic questionnaires on eating habits and physical activity, so as to develop an integrated system for monitoring lifestyles that is decentralized and in mobility, so as to improve the assessment of the state health of individuals during outpatient nutritional counseling and prevention of chronic diseases, which are increasingly the cause of death and illness in all countries of the world. The decentralized and mobile lifestyle monitoring system (INTER-Health) tested by the Complex Structure of Food Hygiene and Nutrition of ASL TO5 was developed by the Technological Innovation Group for Health and Well-Being (SABIEN) of the Institute of Applied Information Technologies and Advanced Communication (ITACA) of University of Valencia and the Department of Informatics, Modeling, Electronics and Systems (DIMES) of the University of Calabria (UNICAL). The Nutritional Outpatients of the Complex Structure of Food and Nutrition Hygiene reaches homes of monitored subjects, and is supported with supplied mobile devices for the duration of the whole experimentation. A desirable objective is to demonstrate the extensibility of results in a cross-domain between the two use cases that best define the new IoT ecosystem, in which different domains can communicate with each other at different levels. The consortium consists of 14 European members from Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Poland and the United Kingdom; the coordinator is prof. Carlos E. Palau from the Universitat Politècnica de València.


As a partner, ASL TO5 is involved in the INTER IoT project in the INTER Health pilot. The ASL TO5 research team consists of the following professional figures: A biologist for the design of the research protocol of the experimental activity, a dietician for the practical realization of the nutritional clinic and a food technologist for the creation of compatible health databases and the correlations with the productive technologies of the consumed foods.

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As part of the INTER Health, with the preliminary results obtained by the health use case pilot study, we can state that it is possible to propose a telemonitoring system thanks to the communication between the designed application and the remotely connected database that allows not only the collection but also the analysis of the data of the assisted subjects. The pilot study thanks to European funding has allowed the conclusion of free loan contracts for the tools to be provided to the recruited subjects (kit devices), but at the end of the project the objective is to develop an interoperable system able to dialogue with different interfaces and overcome the barrier, very often imposed by manufacturers, to constrain the operation of the application to a single model of device.

The application installed on a smartphone, designed to communicate with compatible devices connected to the Bluetooth network, can receive data from the pedometer and scale bracelet and allow the subject to independently consult their data allowing subjects to keep their interest constant and motivation to continue the path to improve and maintain a correct lifestyle. The data collected with the application can therefore be consulted by the health worker through the computerized nutritional folder and thanks to the graphic interface can evaluate the progress and progress of the users. With a view to complete interoperability, it will be possible to propose this solution to the interested parties, which involves a minimal investment to obtain a pedometer bracelet and a digital scale (with the only prerequisite for a bluetooth connection).




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