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Detecon International GmbH
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IT Consultancy/Development
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Multidisciplinary NGI researchers in ICT, social sciences & humanities
Innovation platforms & IT clusters
IT and Network Operators, Service Providers
GIPO (Global Internet Policy Observatory) community
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Control over personal data. Value extraction from protected personal data
Privacy-by-design approaches. Privacy-aware tools
Security-by-design approaches. Trust models. Cyber security best practices
Interoperability and standardisation. Interoperability testing. Key enabling technologies: 5G, IoT, cloud, big data, cyber security
New applications and services across industry verticals and public sector. Socio-economic impacts
Innovations for creativity, culture, education and research
Clusters and hubs on NGI-related technologies. Small business opportunities. Research spinouts

Early Adopters

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Detecon International GmbH is a leading technology management consultancy from Germany. With our technological expertise and our implementation strength, we are actively engaged in helping our customers shaping digital change in their organizations.

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Our global footprint, strong relationships with academia, direct involvement in research through our research and engineering centers and the strong commitment and engagement in forums, communities and bodies involved in regulating and standardizing digital themes, are assets we leverage on when engaging on innovation domains and supporting transformational change.




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