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Updated: 12 hours 16 min ago

2020-01-24 - Gear4Music reports Black Friday dispatches up by 34% after work to upgrade infrastructure

Fri, 24/01/2020 - 18:14
Gear4Music this week said that work to upgrade its warehousing and other infrastructure had paid off over the 2019 peak trading season. Economic

2020-01-24 - In other news.. John Lewis tops customer satisfaction rankings, HMV owner makes new acquisition and Tesco does away with multipacks to cut plastic

Fri, 24/01/2020 - 18:14
Retailers top ratings for customer satisfaction - but satisfaction levels are generally down, HMV owner Doug Putnam buys US business, and Tesco is to stop selling multipacks in order to cut plastic Economic

2020-01-24 - Bank Foreign Currency Exchange Rates Today – 24 January 2020

Fri, 24/01/2020 - 18:14
Here are the foreign currency exchange rates for the US$, ZW$ and Rand on the interbank and black market… Interbank rate USD to ZWL$: 17.2448 ZWL$ to RAND: 0.8333 Data according to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Black Market rates OMIR30.55USD / ZWL$ zimrates.com25.5USD / ZWL$ zwl365.... Economic

2020-01-24 - As We Get Closer And Closer To The EU Requiring ContentID Everywhere, More Abuses Of ContentID Exposed

Fri, 24/01/2020 - 18:14
EU member states are getting ready to implement Article 17 of the EU Copyright Directive, which will more or less force every platform that hosts any user-generated content, to either license every damn thing (impossible) or to put in place a tool like ContentID, that automatically spots and takes... Economic

2020-01-24 - CenturyLink, Frontier Took FCC $$$, Failed To Deploy Broadband; Maine Challenges Blocking of A La Carte Law; + more news -

Fri, 24/01/2020 - 18:14
CenturyLink, Frontier took FCC cash, failed to deploy all required broadband Maine Challenges Court's Blocking of A La Carte Law - Says cable should not force customers to buy bundles AT%26T and Verizon Provide Best Mobile Service Experience... Development Legal

2020-01-24 - PlayStation Players Here’s How To Check How Many Hours You Spent Gaming In 2019

Fri, 24/01/2020 - 18:14
Sony is sharing statistics with PlayStation players who are interested in knowing how many hours and which games they played during 2019. If you visit the PlayStation 2019 wrap-up webpage you’ll be presented with the following statistics from last year: The number of games you playedYour top... Economic

2020-01-24 - Blockchain Could Be Used In African Countries To Prevent Corruption – WEF Head Of Blockchain

Fri, 24/01/2020 - 18:14
The World Economic Forum’s Head of Blockchain Sheila Warren was recently interviewed by Biznews and in that interview, she talked about some of the advantages Africa has when it comes to adoption of Blockchain along with some use cases unique to the continent. Warren said blockchain could help... Economic Legal Security

2020-01-24 - We’re Going To Freeze Accounts Of Manipulators Upsetting Forex Markets – RBZ

Fri, 24/01/2020 - 18:14
The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe took to Twitter this morning with a warning for individuals who are “destabilising” the country by putting pressure on the forex market. It has come to the attention of the Bank that there are some exchange rate manipulators that are exerting pressure on the forex... Economic

2020-01-24 - UN Officials Banned From Using WhatsApp Due To Security Concerns

Fri, 24/01/2020 - 18:14
Reports have emerged stating that United Nations officials have been banned from using Whatsapp since June 2019, because the messaging app is not “supported as a secure mechanism” according to a UN spokesperson. The spokesperson was asked if UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had been in... Economic

2020-01-24 - In 'N Out Burger Continues Its Bullshit Pop-Up Technique To Keep Trademarks It Isn't Actually Using

Fri, 24/01/2020 - 18:14
Roughly a year back, we discussed famed American burger chain In 'N Out Burger cynical process for keeping trademarks it owns in certain countries in place, despite the chain having no actual presence in the country. You might be wondering how a company with no storefronts or delivery business... Economic Legal

2020-01-23 - NetOne CEO: Phase 3 Of Infrastructure Project Backed By Chinese Loans Starting This Year

Thu, 23/01/2020 - 18:13
During Lazarus Muchenje’s recent interview with the Herald, the NetOne CEO was asked about how which projects the mobile network operator is working on under the Chinese loan facility. The CEO said the loans are being used for network expansion with the first and second phases already complete... Economic Legal

2020-01-23 - Bank Foreign Currency Exchange Rates Today – 23 January 2020

Thu, 23/01/2020 - 18:13
Here are the foreign currency exchange rates for the US$, ZW$ and Rand on the interbank and black market… Interbank rate USD to ZWL$: 17.2204 ZWL$ to RAND: 0.8336 Data according to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Black Market rates OMIR30.1USD / ZWL$ zimrates.com25USD / ZWL$ zwl365.... Economic

2020-01-23 - Franchise Model One Of The Keys To OneMoney’s Growth – NetOne CEO

Thu, 23/01/2020 - 18:13
OneMoney has been on an upward trajectory for a while now. In October, NetOne revealed that their mobile money platform had gained 97%25 in a single quarter. In a recent interview, Lazarus Muchenje (CEO of NetOne) revealed some of the strategies behind the growth of OneMoney and offers insight... Economic

2020-01-23 - Health Institutions To Start Taking Digital Records Of Patients

Thu, 23/01/2020 - 18:13
Local public health institutions are expected to start digitally storing patients’ information. The project is expected to start in the next 6 months and will be carried out by “experts” from the UAE and Estonia. The foreign experts will first complete assessments at the health institutions... Economic

2020-01-23 - Datacentrix and Cybereason change the security game

Thu, 23/01/2020 - 18:13
Datacentrix, a secure ICT solutions provider, has joined Game Changers, the newest partner tier announced recently by Cybereason, creators of the Cyber Defense Platform, as a level for its most strategic partners. The partnership will see Datacentrix incorporating Cybereason technology into its... Security

2020-01-23 - 10 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2020

Thu, 23/01/2020 - 18:13
With data breaches hitting headlines daily, security professionals are constantly concerned about the next big threat. Whether it’s ransomware, phishing or endpoint attacks, there’s always something on the horizon waiting for its turn in the spotlight. Here’s a list of the top 10 cybersecurity... Security Legal

2020-01-23 - Over US$11 Billion Has Been Hacked In Crypto Exchanges Since 2011

Thu, 23/01/2020 - 18:13
When the merits of cryptocurrencies are raised one point which is heavily stressed is the fact that these digital currencies remove the need for banks. Whilst this is attractive (more so if you’re Zimbabwean) very rarely do evangelists of cryptocurrencies speak about how the removal of... Economic Security

2020-01-23 - Valentine’s Day CryptoBars

Thu, 23/01/2020 - 18:13
Keep your privates private and share your love securely … come spend Valentine’s eve with loveable nerds who will help you secure your stuff! Get on down to one of the CryptoBars happening around the country! We’ll kick off the evening with drinks and pizza, followed by short talks, then a... Human Rights

2020-01-22 - Hive-CM8 Accuses TOPKEK of Leaving Watermarks and Tracers in Pirated Screeners

Wed, 22/01/2020 - 18:13
People who operate or even get involved with pirate release groups take major risks. Those who release screeners of unreleased movies up the ante further still. The movie screeners that are sent out to film insiders to be considered for various awards come with all sorts of protection mechanisms.... Economic