Interview with Chris Dawe - NGI Early Adopter from Effect.AI

Feb 28 2019

Co-Founder & CEO at Effect.AI and NGI Early Adopter, Chris R. Dawe describes himself as a multi-passionate, serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in Business, Marketing, Sales and Project Management.

We decided to learn more about his innovative network which is going to be an open, democratic and transparent environment for AI solutions.

Why is your technology innovative and who is it for?

"Our project, Effect.AI, is an open, decentralized and democratic network for Artificial Intelligence development. Some call AI tech the 4th industrial revolution and it is forecasted to be a $17 trillion market by 2030. But if we continue on the path we are going now then that $17 trillion and the power of AI will be left in the hands of a select few corporations. Using blockchain technology we are creating an open and transparent environment for everyone to collaborate on the development of AI solutions. A borderless cryptocurreny (EFX) is already being used in our network to pay over 2000 people from over 90 countries to perform AI related tasks.

These tasks are related to the structuring vast amounts of data for organizations, prepping that data for use in machine learning solutions. Our technology and the Network behind it is truly for all of humanity to harness and use for the betterment and ethical development of Artificial Intelligence."

What competitive edge are you bringing to market?

"Using blockchain as a fundamental foundational layer to our network allows peer-to-peer interactions and communication. This makes one less security point in the data stream and also takes away the need for an intermediate taking large commissions from the users."

How can the NGI Consultation Platform benefit your company?

"It’s all about Network not Networth! We need exposure, we need contacts and introductions to large organizations and government, we need funding, we need invitations to important meetings and discussions on AI and blockchain."

What best practices are you sharing through the platform?

"We work with PwC and other law firms to ensure our project follows all compliance and regulatory frameworks in the EU and internationally. We have also set new compliance benchmarks in the area of crowdfunding and KYC procedures in the blockchain space."


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