Early Adopters Club

The NGI Consultation Platform plays the important role of identifying and interconnecting scientific and high tech start up communities, strengthening the link between research and Industry. To achieve this goal NGI Consultation Platform is creating an Early Adopters Club composed of 50 individuals and/or organisations that leverage the NGI technologies and services to improve their own infrastructure or technologies to provide to others. The Early Adopters Club will be showcased as best practitioners within the online presence.

Early Adopters Club are NGI innovators and their user communities coming on board to advance the field and make NGI more user-centric through closer collaborations with citizens and civil society from the very outset, identifying needs and new market opportunities.

The Consultation Platform will create and nurture an Early Adopters Club of innovators and citizens leveraging innovative NGI technologies and services to improve their own infrastructures, or technologies they provide to others.

This Club will showcase NGI best practices will incentivize the stakeholder groups for further engagement.