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The NGI consultation will ultimately contribute to determine shared opinions and consolidated views of what the next generation internet should look like and which research and innovation paths Europeans shall follow to contribute achieving that goal.

This section of the public consultation platform contains analyses of what is being discussed and synthesis views of the outcomes of such discussions are going to be published, for interested readers to quickly grasp strategic elements of the process.

All reports, graphs, and concepts presented here are assembled by the NGI Consultation Team using contributions from all Users. The Consultation Team’s effort is directed to simplify and ease the reading process, to the benefit of all the NGI Community and citizens in general. Please, always refer to the original content posted for more information.

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Evolution of the Edge and Issue of Fragmentation (Discussion)

“The Internet will change from end-to-end to edge-to-edge.”

Inter-operable Solutions for Ubiquitous Connectivity (Discussion)

“Connectivity and ubiquitous coverage are the backbone of an inclusive new digital world and a prerequisite for a successful further innovation of services online.”

Socioeconomic Implications of Converging Digital and Physical Worlds (Discussion)

Countries need to enhance their industrial policies and consumer protection frameworks to prepare for IoT … National IoT frameworks will also need to incorporate cultural considerations that will impact IoT development.”

Inadequacy of Responses and the Impact on Trust (Discussion)

Cybersecurity will be the most pressing challenge of the next decade. Inadequate management of cyber threats will put users increasingly at risk, undermine trust in the Internet and jeopardise its ability to act as a driver for economic and social innovation.

Impact of AI on Internet security and network intelligence (Discussion)

The future of AI depends on security and trust. The future AI technology could also help to address security challenges.

Impact of AI on the Internet economy (Discussion)

Although it is commented by some that AI projection is just a marketing hype, however many in industry and governments believed that the role of AI is pervasive in the future Internet economy. AI presents enormous opportunities to create new jobs, new industries and new ways of connecting.

Multistakeholderism and Multilateralism and the setting of global norms (Discussion)

The rise of nationalism and populism around the globe could cause governments build national policy barriers that fragment the Internet.

Policy Making in the Digital Age (Discussion)

In the ISOC report on “Paths to Our Digital Future” released in 2017, it is believed that the Internet should empower users with certain abiliti

Need for a new Internet Architecture (Discussion)

In human history, we always tried to reach for the sky. In construction, the foundation is the most important part of the building. Because of its unstable foundation, the leaning tower of Pisa started to sink at the second floor and it took three phases over 199 years to complete.