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The NGI consultation will ultimately contribute to determine shared opinions and consolidated views of what the next generation internet should look like and which research and innovation paths Europeans shall follow to contribute achieving that goal.

This section of the public consultation platform contains analyses of what is being discussed and synthesis views of the outcomes of such discussions are going to be published, for interested readers to quickly grasp strategic elements of the process.

All reports, graphs, and concepts presented here are assembled by the NGI Consultation Team using contributions from all Users. The Consultation Team’s effort is directed to simplify and ease the reading process, to the benefit of all the NGI Community and citizens in general. Please, always refer to the original content posted for more information.

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The Impact of New Technologies on Industry and the Economy (Discussion)

In a hyper connected world, no sector of the economy will be untouched by technology and only those who adapt quickly to technological change will be successful.

Resilient Internet Services (Discussion)

Growing dependency on a few operators might increase the risk of single point of failure.

Initiating trustworthiness (Discussion)

According to The NGI Study draft final report, the universal "neutrality principal" that lies at the heart of the Internet allows everyone to use the Internet to its full potential without holding back.

Greening the Internet (Discussion)

Optimal resource consumption and minimization of carbon emission is a great challenge for the Next Generation Internet. Data centres and networking devices consume significant amount of energy. It is imperative to improve energy efficiency, both locally and at Internet level.

Verification, accountability and automation mechanisms for the NGI (Discussion)

Supporting safety of EU citizens and their data and ensuring the business and social connectivity is the foremost concern in the NGI initiative.

Optimisable, extensible, reusable and reliable open hardware (Discussion)

Creating a future proof Internet infrastructure requires continuous optimisation and integration of best practises at all levels, including at the hardware and system integration level.

End-user friendly transparency mechanisms (Discussion)

User-friendly mechanisms to overview transparency of Internet services should be provisioned for end-users, such as - transparency on the security situation of a connection, background processes, data collected and observed or data retention.

Service portability and data decoupling (Discussion)

The NGI Study draft final report recognizes the need for service portability and data decoupling as essential to achieving the vision of next generation Internet.

Architecture renovation (Discussion)

The NGI Study draft final report discusses the topic of architecture renovation.

Smarter Asset Distribution for a resilient Internet (Discussion)

NGI Interim Study Report recognizes smarter assets distribution as one of the traits for an improved