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Next Generation Internet Civil Society Survey

This survey is to gain insight into how the Next Generation Internet should best serve Civil Society Organisations and their representative communities.


13 Participants in total




Next Generation Internet serving civil society and citizens

Answering the following question: Future iterations of the internet should better serve civil society" To what degree do you agree with this statement?

100% of participants “Fully Agreed”



What is the one urgent challenge for civil society that you feel the Next Generation Internet should support?

  • The need for more human contact and compassion. A lot of issues can be resolved by just getting started on this awareness
  • security
  • Abuses on dark web
  • Non-censured and safe campaigning / issue raising
  • Universal access, content trustworthiness, and identity authentication
  • should internet be considered as a public good?
  • Crackdown on civil society
  • Inclusion
  • Transparency
  • Inclusion
  • disinformation
  • Remove the facility that currently exists to produce and disseminate illegal material, such as child abuse images.

Name one way that the Next Generation Internet can support the Next Generation of citizens

  • Foster connections based on important issues that directly impact communities (by gamification?), instead of "empty" connections
  • Authenticity
  • Universal internet access
  • Support authentication of info / identification of fake news
  • Training educators, trainers, CSOs and community leaders so they can promote a responsible use of the internet and new technologies
  • Enabling alternative channels for people not connected
  • Increase access to internet in remote areas
  • Involve Young people in its development
  • Authentication of person
  • Governance and democracy of internet
  • Provide a forum that is respectful, fair for all