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Programme Manager/Project Manager
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Comune di Milano
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Government/Public Services
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Policy makers, Funding Agencies including EU & national digital agencies – energy, finance
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Human-centric. Citizen co-design. Participatory. Communities using environmentally-friendly and sustainable resources, e.g. energy
Privacy-by-design approaches. Privacy-aware tools
Interoperability and standardisation. Interoperability testing. Key enabling technologies: 5G, IoT, cloud, big data, cyber security
Innovations for creativity, culture, education and research

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Elected in June 2016, the Mayor of Milan based his strategy on values such as Innovation and Inclusion (Del. n.27 del 07/07/2016), by means of using digital technologies to tackle social challenges. For this reason a new governance model has been set with a new Councillor-ships for Digital Transformation (Assessor Roberta Cocco) and on for Engagement, Active Citizenship and Open Data (Assessor Lorenzo Lipparini). In 2017 Assessor Cocco launched the Digital Transformation Plan (DTP) 2017 in a new organizational model (a new digital team has been created in the Municipality with a Chief Technology Officer, that co-ordinates a Chief Interoperability Officer, a Digital Lead and a Data Lead), a strong partnership with public and private organizations.

With the approach called “digital social innovation” ( Milan aims to:

  • reorient technology to social ends, and to harness it to improve lives and benefit the many rather than the few. In 2017 the Municipality launched the Digital Transformation Plan (DTP) with an innovative execution strategy aimed at broadening access to services to all.
  • empower citizens to take more control over their lives, and to use their collective knowledge and skills to positive effect and to make government more accountable and transparent. The DTP aims at developing digital skills of citizens in order to enable them to be engaged through innovative processes and tools such as the Participatory budgeting and the Civic Crowdfunding.
  • foster and promote open and collaborative ecosystems: with the Synchronicity H2020 project (PM for Milan: Chiara Bresciani) Milan opens up a global IoT market where cities and businesses develop shared digital services to improve the lives of citizen and grow local economies, based on the principles of the Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) network.
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The Digital Tranformation Plan of Milan is focused on Infrastructures, Services, Digital Education and Digital Skills. 4 years ago Milan has implemented an interoperability platform and the city is working to pass from a vertical to an horizontal approach to data and services. In 2017 the city had 852 servers, 201 applications (including the portal system, the geo-portal, CRM, interoperability platform, API catalogue, and business intelligence) and 185 DB.

Milan is also partner of the H2020 Synchronicity project (, 2017-2019), that addresses on how to incentivize and build trust for companies and citizens to actively participate in finding common co-created IoT solutions for cities that meet the citizens’ needs. The project aims to build an environment of evidence-based solutions that can easily be replicated in other regions, and thus supporting on a large scale the fruitful cross-pollination between the frontrunner cities in the world towards a Digital Single Market.




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