Bringing interoperability to the data layer

Jan 01 2018

While the TCP/IP made communication easy since it allowed devices to talk to each other, the blockchain technology could help advance it further by making data interoperable in such a way that having to hard code APIs for accessing databases would be a thing of the past.

As someome who deals with data extraction, verification and analysis, I believe that blockchains can help restore trust in the Internet by allowing storing and dealing with data more interoperable, reliable, convenient and efficient. Doing so helps journalists and the public less prone to falling into fake news traps.

There are also challenges and risks to blockchains however. I highlighted some of them in a recent article I co-wrote with Nicolas Seidler. 

Walid Al-Saqaf, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Media Technology

Södertörn University, Stockholm 

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  • Hanni Abu's picture

    I am with a project called Blocknet which is somewhat addressing this. Blocknet is an interoperability protoco that enables interaction and communication between different blockchains. The Blocknet protocol API also allows for a single API to access calls of any compatible blockchain. Examples can be seen here( for making trustless exchanges between 2 parties with 2 different tokens. In a few days the API documentation will be updated to include the API for accessing the chains as previously mentioned.

    answered 09 Jul 2018 22:28