percloud: Personal clouds that real people WILL actually use

Feb 07 2018


I've had for 5/6 years now the feeling that most of the efforts for open, decentralized, privacy-friendly alternativesive to centralized social networks are as cool as unable to make any real difference, in useful time. I feel that such projects are too complex and/or not "packaged" in the right way to make them really usable by ~99.99..% of Facebook users. If they were, Facebook would have not doubled its users in the same 5/6 years.

I started proposing my own vision of a "first aid" but concrete solution in 2013: percloud, that is "PERmanent/PERsonal CLOUD". Now I have just updated it, and would really like to see it implemented (with or without my own personal involvement is irrelevant, see links below) and in any case get feedback. Therefore, I suggest that Open Internet NGI programmes support development and promotion of perclouds and "percloud as a service", as described in these two pages, and the links they contain:

Thank you in advance for any feedback, and help in promoting the proposal.

Best Regards,

Marco Fioretti


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