Priorities for a decentralised Internet

Oct 31 2018

At the NGI Forum 2018 in Porto, a session was led by Marta Arniani (futuribile / curating futures) on behalf of the NGI Move project on the topic of "A secure, decentralised Internet".

The following priorities for a decentralised Internet emerged from the session.

  • Openness and security: the infrastructure must ensure fair data handling and trust
  • Decentralised business models (distributed, not leveraging massively data extraction): for instance, most Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs, propose in another format the walled garden pattern from which blockchain technology was supposed to take us away from.
  • Pertinence assessment: the appropriateness of decentralised infrastructures has to be proved case by case and where positively evaluated, tailored to the specific needs of entire industry verticals. Blockchain isn’t a one-size-fits-all tool.
  • Sustainability: environmental, economical and political sustainability has to be designed in such systems from day 1.
  • Capacity building: more literacy on the topic means more expert people able to maintain the system decentralised and innovate on top of it, as well as better awareness at citizens’ level.

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