Concepts for Search and Discovery based on the Slovenian Interoperability Framework

Sep 26 2018

At the NGIForum 2018, a workshop was organized on Better search for trustworthy content and objects discovery. Mr. Aleš Černivec, (Project Manager, XLAB d.o.o.) led this discussion session on tools and concepts for search and discovery based on the Slovenian Interoperability Framework. 

XLAB d.o.o. ( a Slovenian company) has gained significant experiences in building knowledge management services and portals. They built the Slovenian interoperability portal hat allows public authorities (PAs) to publish their solutions and make them discoverable to citizens. Legislation and openness of public sectors data allows citizens to look in to PAs operations and better trust them. Citizens have the means to develop new solutions based on searchable and existing information at their ready disposal. The institutions producing the data thus also become more aware of their responsibility leading to the improvement in data quality, quantity and management. The portal contributes to  Slovenian open data portal which provides a single point of access for easier search, analysis and linking of the data.

Mr. Černivec presented on search and discovery tools from the perspective of the Slovenian interoperability and open data portal, in particular covering security, ID management, authentication and authorisation frameworks, data sharing and safeguarding privacy. The presentation focussed on the technologies involved and also highlighted the human values to be considered while developing these technologies. The human values of importance to this topic include openness, trust, security, revision (transparency), and responsibility. In words of Mr. Černivec,

Experiences gained show that the technology allows us to manage the knowledge easier and faster, produce new content faster; and human values can now be powered by the technology and Next Generation Internet should make knowledge management easier, more dynamic, discoverable.”

Human Values, Challenges, Solutions, Initiatives, Gaps and R&I needs related to Interoperability framework and open data portals are presented below.

The following Human Values were identified in relation to this topic
  • V1. Openness
  • V2. Trust
  • V3. Security
  • V4. Transparency
  • V5. Responsibility
  • V6. Inclusiveness
  • V7. Awareness
The following Challenges were identified in relation to these Human values
  • C1. Legislation on openness of public sector data [V1, V4]
  • C2. Increasing trust and revision [V2]
  • C3. People engagement [V7]
  • C4. Improvement in data quantity and quality and management [V5]
  • C5. Education [V5, V7]
  • C6. Advantages on the market (for small and big players) [V6]
  • C7. Fragmentation (objects) [V1, V2, V3, V4, V5]
The participants identified a number of Potential Solutions to address the challenges
  • S1. Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) [C1-C4, C7]
  • S2. Certifications [C2, C3, C5]
  • S3. Excluding blockchain
  • S4. Micro-services oriented solutions [C2, C6]
A number of known initiatives / projects were identified addressing the solutions
Identified Gaps
  • G1. Usability, Accessibility [V1, V3]
  • G2. Business Models on data [C6]
  • G3. Transparency on retaining data [V4, C1, C2]
  • G4. Skills (HR) [V1, V5, V7, C3, C5]
  • G5. Sources of funding [C6]
R&I Needs to fill the gaps
  • R&I Needs to fill the gaps ->
  • R1. DLTs [V1 – V4]
  • R2. Survey supporting NGI [V1,V4,V6]
  • R3. Consultation platforms for citizens [C3]
  • R4. Semantic search [V4]
  • R5. Specialised Search (IoT, Big Data, AI,…) [G5]


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