Semantic Data Organization

Sep 25 2018

At the NGIForum 2018, a workshop was organized on Better search for trustworthy content and objects discovery. A specfic discussion in the workshop was positioned on how we need new ways of storing, understanding and releasing data based on the semantics of the data itself and the context within which the data exists.

“We have many options how to store our data (cloud, device, edge, NAS). But is it better to rely on local external devices or buy a cloud space somewhere? Imagine you have a heart attack and you need people to access your medical history, where would you like them to go?”

This discussion evolved from the idea that our current means of storing and releasing data lack any insight into the meaning of that data, the context in which it is in use, and reliable set of rules governing how that data can be used or shared given that context in addition to automated mechanisms to enforce those rules.

Human Values, Challenges, Solutions, Initiatives, Gaps and R&I needs related to Semantic Data Organisation are presented below.

The following Human Values were identified in relation to this topic
  • V1. Privacy
  • V2. Trustworthiness
The following Challenges were identified in relation to these Human values
  • C1. Contextual awareness of data [V1, V2]
  • C2. Technology challenge: Organising Data through meaning (Files Systems) [V2]
  • C3. Automatic Extraction of Metadata [V2]
  • C4. Cloud vs Location assurance [V2]
  • C5. Device Data vs Personal Data [V1, V2]
The participants identified a number of Potential Solutions to address the challenges
  • S1. AI to understand context [C1, C3]
  • S2. Sticky Policies [C4, C5]
  • S3. Data Licencing [C1, C5]
  • S4. Personal Data Rules [C4]
A number of known initiatives / projects were identified addressing the solutions
  • I1. CocoCloud project [S2]
  • I2. Creative Commons licencing [S3]
  • I3. Picos [S4]
  • I4. Personal Data Vaults [S4]
Identified Gaps
  • G1. AI to extract semantic meaning [P1, C2, C3]
  • G2. Education of Creative Commons plus extensions to CC type licencing [S3]
  • G3. Solutions to contextually manage data release [S1, S4]
R&I Needs to fill the gaps
  • R1. Remote / Automated enforcement of data handling rules [G3, S1]

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