How do we shape future hyper-connected sociality?

Oct 31 2017

Social networks and online gaming aren't just changing the way we lead out lives day-by-day but may also be altering our self-perception.

According to Professor Sir John Beddington, we could see a rise in social exclusion for some and problems with balancing rights and liberties against privacy and security. There have also been recent reports that smart cities may be excluding certain sections of society like the elderly. 

  • Do we accept the changing landscape or take action to shape future hyper-connected sociality that addresses critical issues about trust and governance?

  • How do we make it more democratic and based on user experiences?

  • What principles should form the basis for the next-generation social media platforms as a global social sphere?

  • What technologies and mechanisms do we need to make sure it is open and inclusive? 

  • How do we improve the role of prosumers, communities and small businesses, mastering technological barriers, introducing innovative and participatory forms of quality journalism? And how do we make sure various types of data are used securely?

These are just some of the questions that need answering to build a new, EU vision for the next generation internet.


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