Technology Evolution vs Legislation

Jan 19 2018

A very important point raised in Hub4NGI D2.1 is that legislative speed cannot keep up with technical development, resulting in ineffective and out of date legislation. Legislation and the legislative process are recurring themes in the sources. The key elements for legislation can be seen in following Figure:


It is usual that citizens and businesses are ahead of governments in understanding the implications of Internet, and overall conclusion is that the legislative process must reform to adapt to the speed that technology evolves at. Changes are rapid, so legislation must adapt. [PSNC-2017]

In order to make legislation keep pace with technology, various solutions are proposed. Takahashi-2017, suggests that AI could provide automation to speed up the legislative process, however on the other hand, as suggested by Net-Future-2017, interdisciplinary approaches will be required to determine legislation for new technology, especially when legislating for safety critical and applications with high social impact. It was advocated to consult as many people as possible through the new methods of E-Participation and smart consultation. Such consultation techniques will engage more citizens quickly. Multidisciplinary teams should also work together to determine appropriate legislation for safety critical applications of technology so that both the technical, application, ethical and legal perspectives are considered.

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