Insights from NGI Forum 2017

Oct 31 2017

The NGI Networking Session on NGI Skills and Education at the NGI Forum 2017 asked two key questions about the future of education:

1. How can education help the next generation internet? What skills will citizens and workers need?

2. How might NGI change the nature of education in schools and universities? 

Current education systems give the same education to all children and students but do they still need to learn handwriting and basic maths?

The NGI will be key to customising education globally so each child has their own learning path no matter where they are in the world. 

The NGI can also support crowdsourced research, an environment where students come up with bright new ideas and push them out to the internet for others to take forward and create new communities around the ideas.

But what about identity, safety and privacy? Children will need to handle not just their physical identity but also their online identity, and information that could remain online potentially for a long time. Most importantly, they need to understand the terms and conditions of using the internet so it works for them, not against them. 

In this video, John Domingue, Director of the Knowledge Media Institute at the Open University, shares the main takeaways from the Networking Session.. 

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