Digital learning opportunities

Oct 31 2017

How can the next generation internet change the nature of education and learning so it empowers the many, not just the few, including the most vulnerable users?

With open, trusted and personalised learning solutions that optimise digital learning and allow users to engage and interact with content and with peers. 

A digital learning incubator will ensure European citizens have the same digital learning opportunities:

   - by extending personalised learning across society, regardless of age, gender and other socio-economic factors.

   - by increasing the number of distributed learning solutions for children with special educational needs.

   - by improving opportunities for start-ups and SMEs taking to market new personalised and inclusive learning solutions. 

The European next generation internet initiative will help unleash these opportunities through the Work Programme 2018-2020: ICT-30-2019-2020. It will do this in two ways: through an Innovation Action rolling out a Digital Learning Incubator and a Coordination and Support Action in the area of Digital Learning.

Among other things, the Innovation Action will comprise multi-stakeholder alliances that can jointly achieve fast-paced breakthroughs in personalised and inclusive learning online.

The Coordination and Support Action will pinpoint emerging research challenges from digital certification of learning outcomes and blockchain technologies and their uptake for a more inclusive and personalised learning experience. 

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