Session 1 - An internet that empowers individuals and unleashes the power of data

Sep 12 2018

Lead by Felix Szabo from Engineroom

Three main sub-topics:

  • Managing identities on the internet
  • Enhancing privacy and control of personal data
  • New business and social innovation models based on data

If we could radically rethink how the internet works today, what would we change? The digital economy today is fueled by data.
The data revolution has indubitably had many positive impacts, from open data to AI-for-good, but we are also increasingly aware of the negatives – from loss of privacy to the centralisation of power by the companies holding most of our data.

In this session, we will explore different models for data ownership (how can we give citizens control again over their personal data? How can we protect and shape our own online identities?) and the kind of business models that might underpin such alternatives.

We will hear from both experts from the world of digital social innovation, who are actively building the kind of solutions that might get us there, and imagine our own alternative futures through playing the brand-new Consortium card game developed by the Engineroom project.

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