Human-centric approach to smart buildings

Dec 07 2018

"The dramatic changes, which came with the technology like IoT, AI and Blockchain often focus on “things” and not on people and therefore leaves Citizens out of the City.

Our solution integrates smart buildings with a modular and scalable platform (Smart Buildings/SB platform) to proactively engage with citizens.

Our solution is complete: from IoT devices in homes and buildings (Home Energy Management, Smart home, Building energy management) through user interface (with building, city, service providers) and includes also a “digital wallet” in the form of a mobile application, which is seamlessly connected to the platform and enables users the execution of payments and secure storage of the platform utility tokens (tokens are not stored on the application but on wallets in the cloud, whereas the mobile application is the interface to the actual token usage).

This approach by using engagement tokens would allow to manage City by managers of the platform to incentivise users to active platform usage to contribute.

Matevz Baskovs, ETOS solutions,

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