Next Generation Internet: Beyond the Internet - Funding opportunities

Dec 05 2018

Internet is key to most of our lives, changing the way we interact with each other, transforming all sectors of the economy. It will continue to drive all elements of society and the economy, including improved living, safer mobility, better health while enabling new business opportunities.

With a solid legal and regulatory framework in place, Europe is well positioned to play a leading role in shaping the internet and ensure it embeds European values like democracy and inclusiveness.

European investments in technologies like 5G as the underlying infrastructure, blockchain, interactive and immersive technologies and cyber security will help Europe stay at the forefront of game changing developments. Alongside this, we need to ensure protection of user privacy and security, control over data, privacy and security by design.
Investments in NGI is creating an environment where Europe can shape the next generation internet. These investments will give opportunities for new entrants to funding and the chance to work alongside with industry and specialised research institutes in areas like
- decentralised data technologies
- privacy-enhancing technologies
- trustworthiness of electronic identities
The next generation internet will also need to tackle online abuse so we're all safer on line.
Key to all this is mastering the complex value chain, including connectivity assets, IoT, new service approaches of butt and edge computing, ensuring digital inclusion, accessibility to content and devices so we deliver more to people.
Pearse O'Donahue, European Commission

Discover the funding opportunities here:
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H2020 2019 call topic n3 - Open Internet Architecture Renovation

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