NGI Frontrunners from Austrian national projects

Dec 05 2018

#2018 Networking Session: Let's create the next generation internet - it's ours to shape!

Katrin Mathmann – Foodnetlab project: using NGI approaches for the food industry, which is quite conservative and needs to be brought into NGI systematically so it can benefit from NGI technologies in the future. The project only started 8 weeks ago and 2 weeks ago held its first focus group meeting with 50 industry partners, mainly from Austria and from producers, feeders, breeders, retail, and network. The next stage is to include government players, policy makers, plants. A survey will ask people in companies to rate the impact factors of NGI from their perspective. In the next step colleagues will make a “game” to show society and get feedback on how citizens see see it, telling us acceptance levels and how much it is liked. This concept will then be turned into an innovation laboratory in Austria, where people from the network can co-create new projects for the food industry. NGI plays a key role in giving the big picture and on how co-creation can be effective.

Mario Drobics, COMPASS – Cooperative Design Spaces for Next Generation IoT Solutions, which has received funding from the ICT of the Future program of the FFG and the BMVIT. The project wants to see if the societal values can be translated into the business values. The project wants to see if they can make new products based on these values, and ensure a transparent process. They also want to bring it to the policy makers so they can use the knowledge as part of the decision making process for future funding.

Expedite project: Exploring Opportunities and challenges for Emerging personal Data Ecosystems: Empowering humans in the age of the GDPR – a roadmap for Austria. We need a paradigm shift to get the data out of the silos and figure out how to better use data to benefit society. Small companies face challenges with the GDPR. Expedite is a roadmap that will lead to further projects later on. The project is multi-dimensional and will work with social scientists, technologists, lawyers, etc. to determine the new opportunities on how to use data in a way that benefits humans and understand what kind of support is needed to fully realise these benefits.

Christoher Frauenberger, TU Vienna Winner of the NGI Research & Education Award. Christoher is part of the COMPASS project, motivating his application to the NGI award. His work is looking at the deep connectivity between the data economy situation and how it needs to be re-thought of at all different levels. Research will tap into the many resources of Aarhus University, where they have many experts in the necessary mullti-disciplinary fields and he is very grateful for the opportunity being offered by winning the NGI award.

Mirko Presser described the next round of the NGI Awards. Aarhus University is very much looking forward to hosting the winners and bringing NGI technologies and social elements to real life. It will be very cross cutting at Aarhus University, involving technologies, sociologists, legal experts, etc. This dimension is very much reflected in the winners of the last round of the awards. This is expected to continue with the next round of NGI Awards being run again by NGI Forward project in 2019. You are welcome to apply for this!

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