An inclusive, multilingual internet

Oct 30 2017

An inclusive digital single market means an internet that breaks down language barriers, that connects and empowers every citizen and business across Europe.

An internet where services are available in multiple languages, accessible to all. A public, open and interoperable European language grid that connects resources and tools, combining and sharing them across a network of people. 

The sheer volume of content, diversity of content types and languages spoken in Europe makes the roll-out of multilingual solutions challenging. 

Yet, herein lies an unprecedented opportunity for Europe.

The work programme 2018-2020 of the European Commission's next generation internet initiative includes an Innovation Action for a European language grid.

Experts are called upon to develop the architecture and components for an open and interoperable language grid by developing and deploying language technlogies - software and services - across Europe.

This Innovation Action will, among other things, encompass easy access to basic natural language processing tools and services for European languages with end-users of the grid closely involved in the process. 

Work Programme 2018-2020: ICT-29-2018


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