Workshop on Privacy and Trust at the NGI Forum 2018

Nov 09 2018

When 150 people made their way to the NGI Forum 2018 in Porto, they were not expecting to make tricky decisions about weaponised fridges, defensive measures against bots attacking democracy and “generous” offers of free educational tech for schools. But this is exactly what they were asked to do in a workshop organized by NGI Engineroom project with an aim of articulating a new vision for the internet. Central to this vision are the values Europeans want to see reflected in the way the internet works.

These values include privacy, trust and unlocking the promise of data for the common good. However, realising all of these values is difficult, because some of them are in conflict with each other and because we need to decide where to focus our energy. Engineroom project ran a workshop to get participants in the Forum to think about these issues and gather their insights, which will help inform our own thinking about the future internet, and the values it should champion. Detailed insights from the workshop are available here.

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