What kind of education in an AI area?

Apr 13 2018

We have now entered an era when artificial intelligence (AI) has defeated humans at chess, Shogi and even Go. Accordingly, conversations these days often drift towards the question of what types of work will disappear in the next ten or twenty years. In other words, what jobs will be replaced by computers? It is no longer the case, of course, that one can feel safe and secure after graduating from a top university and finding a position at a large company. Nor can those in occupations requiring specialized knowledge like doctors and lawyers relax since they know that much work even in their fields is now performed by computers. On the other hand, there are still many children around the world who are too poor even to go to school. Moreover, it is also said that low levels of parental education achievement can lead to poverty and social exclusion for children, thus creating a negative spiral.

1. Creating environments where children can learn safely 

2. Using ICT to give all children opportunities to learn

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